The aging process of the population of the First World countries is increasing interest in solutions to improve the quality of life of elderly or disabled people and their families, providing an economically sustainable form of healthcare. Thus, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) and Ambient Intelligence (AmI) are moving towards the Artificial Intelligence field to develop modular, adaptable and intelligent systems to cope with changing needs that characterize the life of people with chronic diseases. These systems should find smart and simple ways to improve the patient quality of life, simultaneously enhancing the communication between the system, the assisted person, his family and the medical staff, acting also as a filter for information that provides useful and significant data. This paper introduces the basic architecture of an expert system for AAL: the Virtual Carer (VC).




Sernani, Paolo (Author)
Claudi, Andrea (Author)
Palazzo, Luca (Author)
Dolcini, Gianluca (Author)
Dragoni, Aldo Franco (Author)

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